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flippityflop is offering our amazing clean and fun space as a remote learning setting. 

 We want  the kids to get their bodies and minds moving  - we will focus on socialization, cooperative games, strength building and of course incorporate some gymnastics!  We will supervise and facilitate both virtual learning and playing.  We are NOT school teachers but, we will help to the best of our abilities when it comes to actual schoolwork.   

Caregivers Responsibility
  • provide a hard copy of their schedule (or email to us and we will print

  • provide all learning  materials they will need for the day (computer, headphones, smartpals, journals, etc.)  we will have extras of typical school supplies if needed (pencils, scissors, paper, etc)

  • food and drinks that does not need to be heated (we have a fridge and freezer for your use)

  • send with 2 masks - we have some for purchase as well

  • drop off between 8:15am and 8:45am; pick up by 12:15pm

Remote Learners Responsibility
  • must be COVID screened before entering facility

  • must Hanitize upon entry to flippityflop; choose a learning station to be used for the day and set up their personal learning station before playing

  • must Hanitize upon each re-entry into learning area

  • Masks must be worn at all times except while eating or drinking while sitting at their personal learning station only and,

  • If weather allows, remote learners may take mask breaks outside only on the sidewalk directly in front of flippityflop

  • must adhere to flippityflops Safety and General Rules

flippityflop Responsibility
  • assist, supervise and facilitate your remote learners.  We are NOT responsible for teaching, although we will do our best to meet every remote learners needs while they are here    

  • help set up each remote learners learning station upon entry which will include providing a privacy shield/desk divider and adhere their schedule to it

  • Ensure remote learners know where and how to Hanitize or wash hands upon each re-entry from play area

  • Supervise and facilitate play during breaks

Closed until spring 2021
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