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have your little(s) ever written on your walls? mine sure have and have gotten very creative with their artistic mediums!  

...flip on over, let them draw on our giant whiteboard wall!

are you tired of painfully stepping on legos? we've got lego-landmines all over our house too!

...there's no risk here at flippityflop - come play on our soft mats and clean floors!

have your couches, cushions and pillows been moved around to create an obstacle course or a jump zone?

...we have actual obstacle courses and fluffy mats that are specifically made for jumping on, off and all around - come create one with us!

free play and gymnastics as a sport have so many similar benefits for children (and adults), here's just a few:

  • allows for creativity to come up with unique ideas

  • develops motor planning skills

  • fosters independence and decision-making skills

  • develops social skills and collaborative play skills

  • improve conflict resolution as both leaders and as followers

Click the Play icon to book a playtime right now!  


Public Open Play:
35 total people

Public Open Play Pass

$15 per child

$7   sibling of first child

$4   additional sibling 

5 Visit Public Open Play Pass (5% Savings)

$71 One Child   

$105 Two Siblings

$123 Three Siblings

Craft and Play!
*drop off*  ages 3+
1.5 hours, max 6 participants

supervised play and craft making

Craft and Play

$20 ($10 siblings)

Click the Calendar icon for our schedule and like us on Facebook for updates.   

Private PlayGroup:
1.5 hours; up to 10 people

Private Playgroup


$15 each additional person up to 20ppl max

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