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the 10.0 Birthday Party

  • Cost: $300  ($100 non-refundable deposit)

  • 2 hour exclusive use of our facility

    • you may arrive up to 10 minutes prior to party for any set up

  • up to 15 children including party child; $15 per additional child; 30 ppl max

  • flippityflop Party Coordinator to assist with all aspects including set up and clean up

  • food and beverage allowed in party room only

    • we request no "cheese staining" and/or no "crumb" snacks; ie: cheese puffs/cheese balls, Doritos, goldfish, cheezits, chips, crackers, etc.  Alternative suggestions would be bite size/finger food fruits or veggies.  Please also try to refrain from Nut-foods.

you do:

we do:

  • we supply non-themed paper goods

    • (plates, cups, napkins, silverware and tablecloth)

  • we assist with all aspects of set up and decorating  

  • we do all the clean up  

Optional Party Add-On's

(pizza from Front Row; can be cut into 16's)

  • $14 - per large cheese pizza 

  • $16 - per large one topping pizza

  • $18 - per large Specialty pizza

  • $1 - per bottle of water or per honest company juice box

  • $50 - per extra 30 min

  • $15 - per additional child

  • you supply food

  • you supply beverages

  • you supply decorations